Cool N Cute, Kadapa:


Planting of more than 10,000 trees in Putlampalli Village of Kadapa Mandal of Kadapa District of Andhra Pradesh was the major part in NFFWP Scheme. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh was inaugurated and planted the Trees in Putlampalli Village and name to that project is COOL N CUTE, KADAPA.


Afterwards more than 20,000 plants were planted in each Mandal (50 Mandals) and now they are growing very well. More than 100 Acres in Kadapa District trees were planted. For this purpose the ZP Authorities and the District Collector sanctioned funds from National Food For Work Programme.

Sri G.Asok Kumar, IAS, the then District Collector, Kadapa was the main person in this special project, and Sri P.Durga Prasad, CEO,ZP was the person who make a movement in all the MPDOs to plant the trees in their respective Mandals not less than 10,000 plants.



            The special project to stop open defecation in villages in Kadapa District. The project is researched by the World Bank team. 14 Mandals were taken as pilot Mandals, among them 24 villages were selected as the Open Defecation Free Villages. This programme was successfully conducted by the CEO,ZP and MPDOs.

            The Government will release no funds to the above said project or from any Non-Governmental organizations, the cost of the project is individual and no huge amounts will be used to this project. Mr M.Kullappa, World Bank Co-Ordinator for AP and Mr.Mark Ellery, World Bank Consultant, New Delhi were visited the villages and make certain instructions and satisfied the results achieved.