Twelfth Finance Commission grant from the Central Government funds, to be incurred to the development of Drinking Water and Sanitation facilities,


The following is the statement of Grants released by the Central Government


  1. 2005-06 - 1388.35
  2. 2006-07 - 692.53
  3. 2007-08 - 326.37






SGRY Sampoorna Grameena Rozgar Yozana

    1. Roads
    2. Culverts
    3. SC/ST Individual Beneficiaries
    4. GP Buildings
    5. Community Developmental Works
    6. Drains
    7. Drinking Water sources


1. From GOI -

o       SGRY

a.      2003-04 - Rs. 899.95 lakhs

b.      2004-05 - Rs. 727.96 lakhs

c.       2005-06 - Rs.896.11 lakhs

d.      2006-07 - Rs.50.08 lakhs


2. From State Government - Rs.3,94,43,500/-



o       2003-04 - Rs.324.93 lakhs

o       2004-05 - Rs.199.66 lakhs

o       2005-06 - Rs.283.63 lakhs

o       2006-07 - Rs.128.83 lakhs



State Finance Commission is the grant released by the State Government every year to incur the expenditure at School building repairs, rural roads repairs etc., will be maintained.


  1. 2005-06 - 125.59
  2. 2006-07 - 95.59
  3. 2007-08 - 59.07








Works sanctioned by the ZP Bodies under various schemes/programs and their progress details is as follows:


1. NFFWP National Food For Work Programme

    1. Water conservation works
    2. Rural roads
    3. Buildings


  1. INDIRAMMA Integrate Novell Development In Rural And Model Municipal Areas
    1. Rural Housing
    2. Pensions

                                                               i.      Disabled

                                                             ii.      Widow

                                                            iii.      Oldage

    1. Road connectivity
    2. Sanitation

                                                               i.      Schools

                                                             ii.      Anganwadi Centres

    1. Drinking Water Supply
    2. Power connection Habitation and Households
    3. Health Services including HIV/AIDS awareness & prevention
    4. Primary Education
    5. ICDS

                                                               i.      Nutrition

                                                             ii.      Pre Primary Education for children

  1. APREGS Andhra Pradesh Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
    1. Providing minimum employment to the Rural poor



Education Schemes:


1.      BADIBATA:

To enroll the children who stopped to go to the Schools, should join in the Schools by giving them counseling and make awareness among their parents to move towards education side.


This is a major project conducted by the Central and State Governments, to develop the resources to get education to the children of poor, to develop the infrastructure facilities in the School Complexes, construction of additional class rooms, buildings etc., will be done. Formation of Bridge Schools to education the labour children who are working the factories, hotels, shops etc.,

3.      MID-DAY MEALS:

To arrange Mid-Day-Meals to the school going children who are below poverty line. In order to attract the children not to go home during the School hours and get educate them.

Drinking Water Schemes:


  1. PWS Scheme
  2. CPWS Scheme
  3. Open Borewells
  4. Swajaladhara


Women & Child Development Schemes:


  1. Girl Child Protection Scheme
  2. Janani Suraksha Yojana
  3. Self Help Groups
  4. DWCRA
  5. Pre Primary education to Children
  6. Nutrition
  7. Immunization Programme
  8. Pulse polio


Pension Schemes:


  1. Old Age Pension
  2. Disabled Pension
  3. Weaver Pension
  4. Widow Pension